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Avalon Silicon Valley

Recreation Center Upgrade

Topia became involved in the renovation of this recreation center for Avalon Silicon Valley as part of a larger overall community upgrade.

Consisting of a large olympic size swimming pool, spa and barbecue counter, the existing facility had a lot of wasted space, and much potential for improvement. AvalonBay wanted to add amenities for the existing residents and tasked us to do it.

Our concept proposed re-purposing much of the open grassy areas around the pool, and dividing them up into outdoor “rooms” with new comfort features. The area behind the spa became the “living room” with fire pit, outdoor televisions, and modular sofas. The furniture sat on a raised deck providing that feeling of separation, but open to the rest of the spaces. The TV’s could either be used for watching shows, movies and sports; but could also be switched over for gaming.  The area around the existing barbecue became the “dining room”, with brand new grilles, a community table and scattered cafe tables for smaller groups.

The remaining pool/spa and associated deck were reconfigured to allow for individual groups to gather in seating nooks, with larger open areas for sunning. New cabanas were added, as were new cantilevered umbrellas and chaise lounges. New daybeds and loose seating allow for flexible seating arrangements.

Lastly, upgraded colors and lighting modernized the facility and freshened it up.



AvalonBay Communities, Inc.


Residential / Multi-Family


San Jose, California



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